ALL THE WORLD Educational Films

All The World is inviting filmmakers from all corners of the planet to write, direct, host, film and edit unconventional and creative 7-10-minute doc-style educational films for a $ 1,000.00 budget all in.


Why make films for All The World?


  • Receive funding to make short doc films.
  • Enjoy broad creative freedom and experiment.
  • Add new work to your portfolio of films.
  • Receive one-on-one feedback from our staff Producers and Educators.
  • Get access to pre-written scripts provided by All The World.
  • Reveal your talent to the Exec. Producer of a busy commercial production company.
  • Be considered for a position as staff director and host.
  • Create educational films that foster empathy and understanding in the world.


What kind of support will I receive?


  • Receive a budget of $ 1,000.00 per film to cover your work: script editing, filming, on-camera hosting, props, equipment, editing, voice-over recording, color correction, finish.
  • Free access to camera equipment, studio lights, studio, sound gear (in LA only).
  • Free access to a music library and a sound effects library.
  • Free production insurance coverage and workman’s compensation.
  • Free access to location releases, talent releases and music releases.
  • Payment structure for filmmakers in the US: $ 500.00 in payment via timecard for labor + $ 500.00
  • Payment structure for filmmakers outside the US: $ 1,000.00 in payment against invoice
  • Receive additional budget for talent payments. TBD per project.
  • All The World approval of finished films is required for payment.
  • Free access to All The World video library via app for 14 days:
  • apple app store:    download here
  • google play:            download here

How do I apply and submit?



  • Create and submit a 2-3 minute sample video, specifically made for All The World about a subject matter we would appreciate. Treat it as a short version of a film one could find within the All The World Library.
  • The sample video needs to feature the host – either yourself or someone you team up with – as the on-camera talent and voice-over narrator. We prefer narration in English, but if your mother tongue is either Japanese, Korean, Spanish or Chinese, we would equally appreciate your narration in either of those languages.



  • In addition to your sample video, in short paragraphs, write up one or two story ideas for short educational docs you would like to make for All The World in the future.



  • Submit your contact info: full name, e-mail, phone number, city and country.



  • Consider teaming up with other filmmakers to produce multiple films and support each other in the process. The sample video is not meant to be featured on the show and will not be paid for.



  • Submit all info in an e-mail to jobs@alltheworld.com. Embed your sample video in your e-mail with a link to a file transfer service like we transfer.


What is All The World?


  • All The World is a weekly show and video library, featuring inspiring videos for children 4-10 years old.
  • The 5-12 min videos explain how the world works and challenge kids to explore. The show’s charismatic hosts engage children to learn and grow while sharing a real-world experience, all filmed in live-action.
  • Cultivated with educators, the videos explore topics in science, nature, arts, crafting and inspire socio-emotional growth, self-awareness, empathy and creativity.
  • All the World is entertaining and fun, while furthering children’s social intelligence and innovative thinking.
  • All content is available in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean, making All The World a valuable resource for second language learners – for children and adults alike.


What is the tone and feel?


  • Our films never talk down to children. We respect their intellect and aim to challenge them to learn about the world we live in and grow intellectually.
  • Our films aim to be meaningful and inspire kids to explore the world and their emotions.
  • Our films highlight real life experiences and show kids how the world works.
  • Our films are based in live-action or rooted in the real world (i.e. stop motion, crafty filmmaking)
  • Our films are mildly paced, the voice-overs always calm and down to earth, the music and feel always soothing.
  • Our films are always narrated by the filmmakers/hosts voice-over in their native tongue, be that English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish or Chinese.
  • Our films often feature the filmmakers as on-camera hosts of the films.
  • Our films DO NOT allow for on-camera dialogue for the purpose of translations.


Subject matters we love:


  • Interesting people who do things differently, live outside the norm.
  • Artists/People who create things.
  • Quirky and artistic experiments, visual adventures, unconventional expressions, unfamiliar storytelling.
  • Children who experience and brave unusual challenges.
  • Cultural diversity subjects in practical examples, featuring people.
  • Nature’s functions, secrets and phenomena.
  • Scientific processes, observations and experiments.
  • Manufacturing process of things we use every day.
  • Environmental interest stories.
  • … or a smart combination thereof.
  • Anything outside the box really. (because kids LOVE that!)


We appreciate all submissions and will be in touch.

Be well and speak soon.

Your All The World Team